It’s Live At Leeds this weekend so who better to help us around the incredible list of acts playing than one of the locals? Well, we asked local chaps Forever Cult to provide us with a list of five acts they recommend checking out.

What is there to say about this lot that hasn’t been said already? Every time we see them, the following hour is spent picking our jaws up off the floor. One of the most vital & important bands we have. Hoping for a taste of some new tunes here.

Essential Track: Mother

Wilko saw these lot a few years ago with Poppa Clue (Scott who runs our label Clue Records) & says it was class but weird. They were amazing but it was like a jazz-rock-fusion-odyssey performance. The singer’s deffo the bastard offspring of Mick Jagger too which probably can’t be a bad thing.

Essential Track: Heavens Above

Demob Happy
We’ve been into this lot since their initial releases & even nipped to their coffee shop in Brighton a few years ago when we were playing in town just so we could say hello & act like fanboys. They didn’t take out a restraining order or anything so we’ll be down to see them at LAL. Their new album is stacked with belters & it’s gonna be ace to see them put it all together onwww.

Essential Track: Be Your Man

Avalanche Party
Our label mates & one of the best live bands out there. Once you’ve seen it, it sticks on the back of your eyelids for days, nevermind inside your lugholes, ringing like church bells on Sunday. Deranged power-garage-psych. Believe the hype.

Essential Track: Porcelain

The Pale White
Our Geordie pals who have been smashing it recently. A 3-piece that falls somewhere between Black Rebel Motorcycle Club & Arctic Monkeys but with loads of other bits thrown in. Like Cheryl Cole with riffs & quiffs. Proper charmers to boot & big fans of Baileys.

Essential Track: Loveless

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