The hugely talented Bill Bailey brought his very funny “Larks in Transit’ tour to Liverpool. The title of the tour refers to his travels around the world making wildlife documentaries and on stage there is a giant, ancient looking circular map centered around Tibet.

The night starts with a little introduction during which we are reminded of the hugely funny “Black Books” and, in particular, an episode which people seem to be most fond of when speaking to him, the neck massager episode! During this recollection the funnyman tells of times where he has been recognised at the airport by security who have then re-enacted the now infamous scene. As the show progresses, he introduces the audience to the Bin of Wonder and the Jazz Button, items which he thinks every home should have. He sings Old MacDonald’s Farm in the style of Tom Waites and, of course, not just any old version, we get the Bill Bailey version including a genius way to get from One Direction to E.I.E.I.O. Born in the West Country he says he dropped the accent as no-one would take you seriously with an accent like that. He talks of politicians and Brexit, as you would imagine, to incredible musical interludes where he shows his skill for playing any number of musical instruments, to Owls.

The second half of the show saw him ramp up the comedy. We had genre-defying guitar riffs and a Metal sketch with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Satan that has to be one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. His encore of a rock anthem played with a whole range of cow bells was as phenomenal as it was funny before we are left with Highway to Hell playing as he made his departure to rapturous applause only to briefly return for a few selfies and the odd hug.

Larks in Transit has to one of the best stand-up shows I have seen for a long time and if you have never seen Bill Bailey live then this show is one you definitely should not miss. There are still plenty of dates where you can catch this show, all details can be found here.

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