There are two things you need to know about Tom Stade. Firstly, not only does he love England but, listening to him ponder his experiences around the country, you get the feeling that the place also confuses the hell out of him. Secondly, he loves growing old, and having connected with two of the “older generation” in this sold-out crowd in Leeds, it isn’t long before the Canadian hits his stride educating a younger member of the audience on the experiences fifty+ years on the planet have given them.

Playing the second of two sold-out nights in the type of venue he jokes about dreaming of playing, Stade puts on a masterclass of comedy. The routines come thick and fast with Stade himself laughing at his own jokes on more than one occasion. Admitting that he likes the freedom the lockdown has given him to say whatever he wants no matter how inappropriate, his comparisons between the younger generation and the older generation are not only accurate and touch on some dark subjects but they’re also painfully funny.

Watching Stade discuss everything from vending machines in motorway service toilets to the trauma of having to punish his own kids in this day and age, Stade’s opinions and routines never fail to hit the mark. Even when his humour takes a dark turn as he explores the death of his own father from cancer, the comedian jokes “don’t worry, this gets funny really quickly”.

For just over an hour, it’s an absolute joy to watch a man who very much loves his work even to the detriment of his own family. Joking that he’d rather be talking to a roomful of strangers as a comedy superstar than watching his own children disappoint him at sport, Stade does it with a sly smile on his face because you know that, deep down, those same moody teenagers are proud of what Dad can do.

Back at the beginning of his set, the Canadian recalls how this show was cancelled just after the lockdown started. It’s been eighteen long months before the comic finally made his return to Leeds and, as fans gather around him in the bar straight after the show, Stade had made sure it was an evening worth waiting for.

We got to chat to comedian Tom Stade before the tour, you can listen to what he had to say here;

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