Wheatus live review by Ryan Beardsley

I’ve got two tickets to Iron Maiden (Wheatus) baby, come with me Friday don’t say maybe…’

I can’t resist a guilty pleasure, and Wheatus might be my ultimate. I still remember picking up their album in HMV Doncaster after their debut hit soared to No.2 in the singles charts and thinking that just maybe they could become the world’s biggest band.

Spoiler alert that did not occur, but for one night in Islington they certainly played like they were.

A mix of deep cuts and debut album classics make for a great atmosphere for a packed crowd, which begs the question; how do teenagers know about this band in 2023?

A Little Respect is still a great cover, perfect for vocalist Brendan B Brown’s unwavering falsetto and there are sophomore album gems in the shape of American In Amsterdam and Lemonade which show they’re much more than a one-hit wonder.

Self-titled debut opener Truffles, which Brown himself describes as a “bad song” (he’s not wrong) goes down a storm before punchy pop punk blasts of Hump Em and Dump Em and Hey Mr Brown set us up for the main event.

The throng is here for Teenage Dirtbag and the gang from New York’s Lower East Side doesn’t disappoint. Converting the three-minute pop classic into a 15-minute singalong of epic proportions, they certainly provided value for money.

The track still kills, the crowd gets to play the part of Noelle, some guy comes out for a rap, before every single person the band has ever met is seemingly introduced before an all-conquering final chorus.

Great fun, no one taking themselves even remotely seriously, and infectious enthusiasm make for a memorable night in North London for a whole host of Teenage Dirtbags, new and old.

You can find further dates and tickets on Wheatus website here

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