Maisie Peters at the O2 Academy in Leeds Live Review

You could say that 2023 has been a massive year for British singer-songwriter Maisie Peters who, having released her new album, ‘The Good Witch’, earlier this year, has spent a good portion of it on tour with a certain Ed Sheeran.

With the Sheeran connection running strong (he owns the label Peters is signed to) it comes as no surprise that Peters profile has gone through the roof. Aside from the demand for the initial run resulting in extra dates being added, including a now sold-out show at Wembley Arena, the queue outside of the Academy snakes right back as far as the eye can see. Inside it is no different and, by the time, the pop star bounds onto the stage, it’s a case of grab a spot inside the hall.

The atmosphere around the room is electric as the set kicks off with “The Good Witch” and “Coming of Age”. Often compared to pop superstar Taylor Swift, it’s easy to see why. Her brand of pop illuminates the room and has this young crowd singing along word for word. Peters herself is a ball of energy and smiles and, given the support of her label manager, exudes an infectious confidence as she bounces around the stage.

With two albums under her belt, the young singer-songwriter promises that there will be a good chunk of the new album being played but she won’t be ignoring her 2021 debut ‘You Signed Up For This’. She sticks to her word performing the likes of “John Hughes Movie” and “I’m Trying (Not Friends)” to a crowd who greeted them like old friends.

As for new material, “Run”, “The Band and I” and “BSC” were among a set which heavily plunged into the hit album and with support act Gretta Ray joining the party for “History of Man”, it might have been a dreary night outside the venue but inside the O2 Academy, this rising star of British pop made sure that every single person left absolutely glowing.

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