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Charli XCX dances the night away in Manchester

Charli has proven that she is on top form and does not show any sign on backing down to anyone.

Review and Photo Copyright © Christopher Ryan

British pop sensation Charli XCX breaks new waves in the pop industry with her fresh unique combination of pop and experimental rap to show that she is now the queen of Pop and no one can stop her! With her third album “charli” launching last month we get a good chance to hear from some of the tracks live along with the favorites.

Charli has proven that she is on top form and does not show any sign on backing down to anyone. Tonight was all about Charli, dominating the stage with energetic dance moves keeping the crowd entertained, stobes, and multiple outfit changes. This doesn’t feel like the usual pop show it’s like a dance/rave has been combined. To be honest it works, it works as its not got a set guideline, its raw, predicted and right at you.

The great about Charli is she can pull the rave vibe out, the pop vibe, the rap vibe and can outperform and drop a ballard into it “I don’t want to know” a new track in the set slowing things down and cranking up the emotion before dropping the lets rave vibe. Honestly i’ve never seen a show like this, so many different genres, yet all combined for a show!

On top of this Charli shows her love towards the LGBQT community which a huge flag as a backdrop to “I got it” and then inviting some local drag artists which were fully supported with positive vibes from the crowd.

During the rest of the set some more favorites/new favorites were played like, ‘Boys’, ‘I love it’, and ‘1999’ ending the set with this does leave you feeling nostalgic. I know some of the fans are teen’s so they won’t understand but some references in the song, for me I was a kid so some of it does hit you with some added emotion.

Tonight has shown me that despite being one of the biggest pop stars in the world, playing small venues over arenas it’s a completely different atmosphere, it feels more close, more personal, more special, so when she does another tour another intimate show, has has a feel which isn’t the same on the arenas. Next Level Charli

Opening up for this glamours pop icon is Rina Sawayama another huge music icon which she will be selling out arenas in a few years to come. Unafraid of the hater’s, the racists, and anyone against her sexuality. Rina is a pro LGBQT activist which she talks about with pride during the set that you are welcome you are safe.

Her goal is just to have fun and the freedom of expression and just don’t worry about the negativity in life. Over the moon to be touring sold out venues the Manchester crowd make her feel at home, so welcoming and full of love. Rina has the vibes of 90’s/ 00s pop with a pure but powerful voice linking to legend pop icons like Mariah Carey but its 2019 and Rina adds her own charm to stand out from the crowd. A big highlight was playing the new single “Cherry”which the crowd was over the moon to hear. I’ve never heard of Rina Sawayama as I’ve not heard of her style for a decade as music has evolved. I’m glad she’s brought the old school pop vibe to life again, but this time with her own personal touch. I am looking forward to hear her new upcoming music in the near future.