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I am a huge fan of Cirque du Soleil and when I heard Ovo was coming to London, I couldn’t wait for it to start its UK tour and head North. One thing is for sure, when Cirque is in town you are guaranteed that you will be treated to an incredible show. Ovo is no exception, set in a world of insects, this wonderful show is nothing short of a visual delight of Crickets, Spiders, Beetles and many more. The colourful hand crafted costumes, tailor made for each artist as well as the exceptional talents of the artists themselves, makes this show a spectacular visual extravaganza for anyone watching.

From acrobats that seemingly defy gravity with breath taking defiance, to the synchronisation has the audience in awe from the off.. The story of Ovo, is set in a jungle teeming with various insects, and starts with a Fly, an outsider arriving with an egg on his back, he quickly falls in love with the Ladybird, which is not reciprocated initially, much to the disapproval of the Beetle. From there we are taken on a colourful journey for the next couple of hours. Clowns and Bugs of all types engage with the audience from the start and one young girl was plucked from the audience in Leeds form a bit of impromptu slapstick participation.

Ovo is Cirque’s 25th show and like others before it always manages to end with the audience on the edge of its seat, Ovo is no exception to this as the show ends with a spectacular display of trampolinists appearing to walk up a wall as high as a two story building with all the ease of any real insect.. I have seen a few of Cirque du Soleil’s shows now and even though I have loved them all, this has to be right up there as one of my favourites to date.. If you have not seen one of their shows yet you are missing a real treat.. This is alternative circus at its absolute best, but then they use only the best artists in the world so it is little wonder really. Already looking forward to the next tour.

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