Frank Tuner and the Sleeping Souls shake the roof off at the Apollo Manchester.  Tonight has been an incredible night at the o2 Apollo Manchester with a whopping four support acts from folk to punk we were in for a big treat.

First up is a solo acoustic set with Jess from Guise. Opening up with some soothing tracks with a heartwarming attitude she got a very positive response, I think it also helps her being Frank Turner’s wife. Guise released a new album last March which she admitted was bad timing and spoke about the charity work Frank set up to save the grassroots venues which Jess says she’s very thankful for the support everyone did to raise money for.

Ducking Punches going solo again with Dan with the acoustic with a powerful voice gripped the crowd and was surprised in the end how amazing the crowd was when he sang “Big Brown Pills from Lynn” and the crowd sang the chorus. This is a song that goes out to one of his friends who died sadly due to suicide a few years ago and it goes out to the good times and to celebrate good times with friends and family as this pandemic has been very tough on us all.  For a guy who’s only doing his 2nd gig in two years, Dan did an amazing job and, with his punk vocals and just one guitar, he made a lot of new fans tonight.

Deux Furieuses, which translates to two furious, indeed lives to the title of this band. Two women who are punk and political and are angry.  “Are we sexy enough” was one of a few highlights from this band and Singer/guitarist Ros Cairney points out despite this being an older track its still strong today especially with whats happening in Afghanistan with women’s rights. Another song that’s new is ‘Overthrow the Government’ need I explain why? Also “Wired to Hate” is another key track in recent events with Sarah Edwards. Punk isn’t leaving anytime soon especially with future acts like these which is key to hopefully sort out the state of current events.

Pet Needs. The best way I can describe these guys is, if you give a band who has ADD a load of old school smarties this will give you an insight to how insane they are! (I have ADD and skittles was banned when I was a kid as I could fly) Some of the nicest lads you’ll meet who are just over the moon to actually be signed to a record label and to play on a huge huge stage and not in a tiny box www. Also brothers George and Johnny  Marriott’ (singer and guitarist) mum is here so of course its a 10/10 for an amazing set. Another band showing that punk is far from over. The energy, the witty humour and just the stage presence all I can say is these will go huge in no time!

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls, need I say more? The whole bloody venue was vibrating and possibly moved a few inches thats how intense the crowd was. Straight into action with the full piece and just so happy to be here. It also marks show number 2540 I’m not even joking. We were spoiled with a huge huge set. the full band, Frank going solo and an encore! Top highlights was “If I Ever Stay” like this and pretty much all the tracks played the crowd gave it all but this track made the whole night feel that extra special.

Frank actually said there are only two rules for his show.  One, if you know the words you sing and dance along as loudest you can. Two, don’t be an idiot, we are a community all here to enjoy the night. He spoke about doing live streams was good but it doesn’t compare to actually playing live in front of a crowd, dancing and singing with friends and strangers. We need music, we can’t go without it, as you know it’s been hell for the past 18 months and a lot of people who got affected were the people who make the show happen, from the venue staff, security the band the crowd of course. Playing a new song ‘The Gathering’ helps to set the tone on what he’s on about and it was perfect. A new album is also due out.. next year hopefully in Jan- Feb time, one can hope. The whole night has been flawless and you can tell a lot of fans needed this escape so did Frank and the band. Pretty much all the gems were played of course on a huge set list and another new track to I sadly can’t remember the name of it because trying to take notes while the crowd are giving it all is a challenge but I must say it was brilliant!

This show is a huge stepping stone the music scene not just to the bands but to the people as it gives us all hope and joy that no matter what goes on live music is out escape from reality. God I’ve missed this.

Review and Photo Copyright © Christopher James Ryan

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