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You would think after thirty years at the top, Philadelphia duo Hall & Oates would be taking it easy but, as the pair showed on Sunday night at Manchester Arena, they have no intention of taking their foot off the gas. Playing to a packed arena, the duo plundered their extensive back catalogue to pull together a hit-laden set for this adoring audience and it’s the kind of back catalogue that most bands would die for.

Old favourites like Family Man are greeted with familiarity from this crowd, many of whom will have followed the group for a good chunk of their career, while even lesser known numbers are met like old friends. Very few modern acts are afforded the longevity achieved by Hall & Oates but, watching the pair and their band plough through their set, not only do they make it look every easy, they show why, even now, fans pour out in the droves for special evenings like this one.

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