It’s almost impossible to have a discussion surrounding “cool” rock musicians without the name Lenny Kravitz being thrown into the mix. The man epitomises the word “cool” and, from the moment he walked out on stage at the Manchester Apollo where he was playing as part of a short UK tour, he lit the room up with his talent.

This visit may have only been a brief one so, for his fans packed into the Apollo, stage time couldn’t have come around quick enough. Now, some musicians suffer nerves before going on stage, some just like they’re going through the motions however, watching Kravitz, it’s clear that this is a man who simply can’t get enough of playing live. Soaking up the adoration from his fans, Kravitz rocks out like a man who is just “in that zone” and this doesn’t stop from the moment the night kicks of with “Fly Away”.

Upcoming album “Raise Vibration”, due out in September, wasn’t far from his thoughts with Kravitz treating fans to few tracks from the upcoming disc and, judging from the reaction, these additions to his already diverse repertoire are going down a storm with his fans. As for the rest of the set, from funky tracks to all out rockers, from “Always On The Run” to hit single “Are You Gonna Go My Way”, Kravitz makes sure you know in no uncertain terms that he isn’t a one-trick pony.

Tonight was one of those nights where the artist in question had the entire audience under his spell from the moment he walk on www. The two hours Kravitz was on stage were purely magical, literally flying by, and, with the final notes of his set still ringing his fans ears, Kravitz bid his farewells having yet again proved he is quite possibly the coolest man in rock.

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