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Photo Copyright © Jo Forrest

Mark Owen Live in Manchester Gallery

Mark Owen performs to an ecstatic crowd at a sold out Ritz in Manchester, gallery below

It has been 9 years since Mark Owen embarked on his last solo tour, and judging from the crowd of dedicated fans that packed into the O2 Ritz last night in Manchester, it has been well worth the wait. On tour promoting his new album Land of Dreams, the night was filled with a selection of new hits and old and well as a few Take That hits thrown in for good measure. Two hours and a massive 24 songs later it was all over for this this crowd but knowing the hardcore TT fans like I do, I am sure there will be many of those are following Mark around the country as he performs only a hand full of dates that are mostly sold out.

Land of Dreams was recorded in LA, where Owen has lived for the past three years. Speaking on the making of the album, Mark says “This whole period and process has been a mixture of reflection, looking ahead and being grateful for being part of the world. I’ve taken my experience, playing and writing, over the last 30 years and put it into this record. I’ve tried to capture an energy that can translate and is exciting. It’s been an absolute pleasure – and a real joy to do.”

The album is a reflection of that joy: it’s an upbeat, uplifting and positive album, which ultimately was the ambition, the terrain, the landscape and dreamscape, of Land of Dreams. “Worldwide over the last couple of years”, said Mark, “everybody’s been contained and in their bubble, and I wanted to pop that bubble and just come out of it and go: ta-da! Maybe just go to jazz hands!”

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Photo Copyright © Jo Forrest