Paloma Faith, the undeniable powerhouse of British pop, stormed into York’s Barbican last night (12/05/2024) on the heels of her empowering new album, “The Glorification of Sadness.” The concert, pulsating with energy and emotional vulnerability, showcased an artist at the peak of her creative power.

The concert kicked off with a powerful triple threat: “How You Leave a Man,” “God in a Dress,” and “Bad Woman.” This opening trio set the tone for the evening, leaving no doubt that empowerment would be a central theme. The audience roared with approval as Paloma delivered these anthems with fierce energy and captivating vocals.

The show expertly blended new tracks from “Infinite Things” with established fan favorites. Songs like “Divorce” showcased Paloma’s ability to deliver vulnerability with raw power, while “Say My Name” had the crowd singing along and swaying to its infectious melody.

New songs like “I Am Enough” resonated deeply with the York audience, promoting self-love and acceptance. “Hate When You’re Happy” offered a lighter moment, showcasing Paloma’s witty songwriting with a touch of sarcasm. A surprising cover of “Eat Sh*t and Die” added a dash of humour and unexpected delight to the set.

One of the highlights of the show was Faith’s genuine connection with the audience. Between songs, she shared personal anecdotes and witty banter, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere.

The main set concluded with “Sweatpants,” a fun and relatable song that left the crowd feeling energized. The encore kicked off with the iconic “Stone Cold Sober,” followed by a singalong rendition of “Picking Up the Pieces,” the song that launched Paloma’s career. The energy remained high throughout the encore, with classics like “Crybaby” and “Lullaby” (Sigala cover) ensuring the concert ended on a triumphant note.

The concert wasn’t just a showcase of Paloma Faith’s musical prowess; it was a celebration of individuality and self-love. The diverse crowd, a vibrant tapestry of ages and styles, united in their appreciation for her music and message. By the time the closing notes echoed through the venue, the entire Barbican was on its feet, singing along and reveling in the energy of the night.

The “The Glorification of Sadness” tour is a testament to Paloma Faith and her artistic evolution. It’s a show brimming with empowering anthems, heartfelt ballads, and a healthy dose of humour. If you have the chance to catch her on this tour, don’t miss it!

Photo Copyright © Jo Forrest

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