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Rod Stewart puts on a legendary performance in Bolton

Rod Stewart is on his last leg of the summer stadium tour that ends here in Bolton, even mother nature didn’t want to ruin the show with rain,

Review and Photo Copyright © Chris Ryan

The man, the icon, the legend, Rod Stewart is on his last leg of the summer stadium tour that ends here in Bolton, and boy were we in for a huge treat! Even mother nature didn’t want to ruin the show with rain, as it pretty much stopped when the concert began. To be honest I never thought I’d be able to see this legend live in concert but tonight I was given the chance too. All I can say if you have not or do want to see Rod again, then go see him this autumn/winter tour at the arenas as tonight, this is hands down, one of the of best concerts! For a guy who’s in his 70’s, he has been and done everything, and, having a career span peaking 50 years, He’s still got it! Not only that he’s still a charmer with the ladies too!

Rod Stewart and his merry men and women come onto stage with an overwhelming response from the crowd, fireworks go off and everyone got of their seats cheering clapping and of course getting their boogie on opening up to “infatuation” We were spoilt with a mega set  to which Rod said to the crowd its ok to sit down as its a long show tonight. 24 songs apparently cut into four segments and an encore. Breaking down this wonderful night is a chunk of cover songs but course all the classics  of his are played. Rod Stewart may not be as young as he used to be but he’s still got it, funky dance moves, a wonderful singing voice and a joker. Keeping the crowd entertained with music, as well as talking about the music, is a great a little insight and of course having a great sense of humour, the hours just flew by.

I think what’s wonderful about this show was the crowd, from the young fans to the older generation. They made the show so much more special, seeing fans slow dancing, cuddling, cheering and singing along to every song. There are approx 25,000 fans here tonight and each song will have its own special meaning behind it and seeing fans smile as their special song comes on. There is no better feeling than seeing true happiness.

To finish the show the best till last “do you think I’m sexy” and “Baby Jane” ending with these two well known classics and a mega firework display to top it off what more could you want!

Supporting Rod was Johnny Mac and the faithful a Celtic folk and American band combined to create a wholesome happy folk music which gets the crowd into a happy mood despite the downpour earlier! Not only is this band over the moon to be opening up for Rod, but they have released their new EP “Took a train” earlier today and of course it be rude not to play a few tracks of it tonight! Along with this a few cover tracks were also played which the crowd sang and cheered along to! One of my favourite covers they played was ” Pay me my money Down” By Bruce Springsteen which was played fantastic and of course they did a Rod Stewart song “Oh la la”