It’s been a long time since we last saw Steve Hackett walk the boards of Bradford’s famous concert hall, 1979 in fact, but tonight he’s back, this time re-visiting the iconic Genesis Live LP “Seconds Out

But before we get to the main event we have a short first half covering sections of his solo adventures. The setlist comprises of a trip down memory lane with “Clocks-The Angel of Mons” , “Shadow of the Heirophant” and, as Steve puts it,  his old friend “Every Day”. We are also treated to live versions of 2 tracks from his “Lockdown” release “Surrender of Silence”. The dark and yet uplifting “Devils Cathedral” featuring the talents of his current keyboard player Roger King (It’s a shame he couldn’t have used the Hall’s stunning pipe organ) and “Held in the Shadows”, a “kind of rock song and also a love song” is how Steve described it.

Well based on that opening set we are in for a treat … but before that a 30 minute interval where Steve encourages us all to enjoy the fine array of beverages at this magnificent concert hall … and “not get too hammered”

As the light acoustic house music fades the band arrive back on stage for what turns out to be a fantastic trip down memory lane, yet at the same time a new take on some old favourites. Credit here has to go to singer Nad Slyvan, who whilst sounding at times just like Peter Gabriel makes the songs his own, with a much greater range and somehow more power and expression. The set list follows the original live LP running order, however the band takes the time to explore more of the musical intricacies of the songs and often breathes new life into the old tunes.

Drummer Craig Blundell brings a powerful Jazz feel to the songs … and he even gets his own drum solo ( a masterclass in soft touch fills combined with tub thumping goodness). Credit must also go to multi instrumentalist Rob Townsend who adds new parts to many of the songs that no-one flinches at as his flute, penny whistle and saxophone playing are full of musicality and finesse. Last time I had the pleasure of seeing Steve Hackett he brought the amazing Nick Beggs with him on bass. However dare I say it this tours bassist Jonas Reingold is just perfect in the role of Hackett’s side-kick. Again its his musicality that just brings the low-end of these songs alive and full of vibrance. 

Lets’s not forget the main man himself. To play these songs note for note perfect in a live situation after such a prolonged period of not playing in front of an audience is beyond belief. He seems to relish in nailing each and every solo with micro precision … it truly is a sight to behold ( and hear) … I take my virtual hat off to you sir !! 

There are a few UK dates left on this tour (see below) .. and I heartily recommend if you are a fan of Genesis, a fan of Prog-Rock or a just a fan of exquisite guitar playing and musical genius then you must get back out there and go see one of these shows … 

Review and Photo Copyright © Mark Ellis

Tour Dates

02 October 2021 – Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, UK – TICKETS

04 October 2021 – Fairfield Halls, Croydon, UK – TICKETS

05 October 2021 – G Live, Guildford, UK – TICKETS

07 October 2021 – Dome, Brighton, UK – TICKETS

08 October 2021 – Lighthouse, Poole, UK – TICKETS

09 October 2021 – De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, UK – TICKETS

11 October 2021 – Mayflower, Southampton, UK – TICKETS

12 October 2021 – Pavilions, Plymouth, UK – TICKETS

14 October 2021 – The Sands Centre, Carlisle, UK – TICKETS

15 October 2021 – Stockton Globe, Stockton, UK – TICKETS

16 October 2021 – O2 City Hall, Newcastle, UK – TICKETS

18 October 2021 – Waterside, Aylesbury, UK – TICKETS

19 October 2021 – New Theatre, Oxford, UK – TICKETS

21 October 2021 – Cresset, Peterborough, UK – TICKETS

22 October 2021 – Royal Hall, Harrogate, UK – TICKETS

23 October 2021 – Caird Hall, Dundee, UK – TICKETS


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