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The Cardigans play Manchester Apollo

There has been no new material in over a decade from the Swedish quintet but that has never been something to put off the hardcore fans of any band and The Cardigans are no exception.

It may not have been quite a sell out show but it was still very busy. The theme of the night show is the bands fourth album ‘Gran Turisimo’ which celebrates its 20th anniversary and they performed it in its entirety.. Their biggest hit to date and the one most people will be familiar with was the second song of the night ‘erase/rewind’ and this certainly got the crowd moving.. They played an impressive 20 song set list with the standard three song encore.

2. Erase/rewind
3. Explode
4. Starter
5. Hanging Around
6. Higher
7. Marvel Hill
8. My Favourite Game
9.Do you believe
10. Junk of the Hearts
11. Nil
12 Live and Learn
13 For What it is Worth
14.And Then You Kissed Me
15. Don’t Blame Your Daughter
16. You’re in the Storm
17. I Need Some Fine Wine, and You, You Need To Be Nicer
18. Communication
19. Lovefool
20. 03:45 No Sleep