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92 is the new track from Fickle Friends

“Vibrant synths and a maniacally poppy core… we’re obsessed.” – Wonderland

Fickle Friends continue to build momentum ahead of the January 15th release of their new EP ‘Weird Years (Season 1)’ by sharing the new track ‘92’. Listen HERE.  The track is accompanied by an official video which features old VHS tapes of Natti growing up in the 90s. Watch HERE.

The cinematic electro-pop of ‘92’ juxtaposes its modernist beat with the most tender vocals that front woman Natti Shiner has ever recorded. On the surface, ‘92’ is pure romance but the reality is bittersweet. She started the year in a blossoming relationship that fell apart during lockdown.

“The premise of 92 is so innocent…love without boundaries or questioning”, explains Natti. “I’m very fortunate my parents kept the VHS tapes from the 90s in Switzerland and my childhood…and we felt like using them for a video was a nice nod to the song title (92 – the year I was born). I think it represents that unblemished love you have as a child, everything just gets a bit messier and complicated as you grow up”.

That honesty is a big part of what makes ‘Weird Years (Season 1)’ such an engaging experience. The EP is a snapshot of the last three years of the band’s lives, with autobiographical and immensely relatable tales of anxiety and heartbreak.

Fickle Friends have used the lockdown era to become as self-sufficient as possible. That’s particularly evident with ‘Weird Years (Season 1)’ which they produced themselves, as well as their DIY video for ‘What A Time’.

‘Weird Years (Season 1)’ is available to pre-order and pre-save HERE.

Fickle Friends’ latest single ‘What A Time’ offered a much needed shot of escapism from 2020. Their sound evolved to blend gleaming electro-pop synths with the energy that resonated throughout their Top 10 debut album ‘You Are Someone Else’. Suddenly it was as if they’d never been away, landing Radio 1 airplay from Jack Saunders and Dev plus key playlists at Spotify and Apple Music.