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A Genesis in My Bed – Book Review

This a tale clearly told from the heart and so marks it as being amongst the must read music memoirs of the year.

A Genesis in My Bed Book Review by Chris High

There is a refreshing honesty to guitarist Steve Hackett’s autobiography, A Genesis In My Bed, that is often lacking from many such memoirs put out by his musician peers. I won’t name names, but often times with rock stars it always seems to be someone else’s fault that things go awry. 

Not so here. Hackett admits to his failings – both personal and professional – as well as his victories, openly and with a frankness that stirs similar emotions in the reader that may well have been felt by the former Genesis man himself, if obviously on a lesser scale. There is a humility here that is so very often missing.

This, ultimately, can be put down to the tone of the book. Not for nothing is Steve Hackett known for his lyrical prowess, alongside that of his virtuoso musicianship. Yet never is there a time when he appears to be ‘telling’ you the story of his life, but rather – as though he is in the same room – recounting those events and experiences that have most impacted upon him

This in turn makes us realise that, in spite of, rather despite of, some hardships along the way, nothing has detracted from an insatiable desire to do right by his incredible talents … and to do so in his own way.

A lack of autonomy within Genesis, he says, led him to leaving the band when on the cusp of becoming stadium fillers. This outbreak, however, may well have been at the expense – in his eyes – of the all-important musical road post-Gabriel, pre-MTV Genesis were headed towards.

Yet there is no bitterness or rancour. No blame games coming across. Simply a certain honesty and integrity in abundance, which underlines further the nature of the man and the sincerity with which he produces his much vaunted and rightly praised music.

Above all, however, it is the accessibility of Hackett’s writing that most makes this an autobiography worth its salt. Genesis are often accused of being a little aloof. Not so A Genesis In My Bed. Instead, this a tale clearly told from the heart and so marks it as being amongst the must read music memoirs of the year.