In just three singles, Abby Simone has picked up acclaim across the tastemaker spectrum. Collectively they’ve hailed the Singaporean singer-songwriter’s ability to weave between different genre touchpoints (R&B, neo-soul, jazzy pop) all united by a voice which has the undeniable class to seemingly effortlessly pinpoint specific emotions.
Today Abby completes her introduction by releasing her debut EP ‘No Expectations’ alongside its title track and brand new single. Listen HERE.

On the ‘No Expectations’ single, Abby Simone delivers a song of contagious energy which wraps her upbeat vocal harmonies on a pop production full of playful beats, glistening synths and peppy bass. And in what’s fast becoming a hallmark of her signature style, Abby sounds like she’s relishing the moment – yet there’s a contrasting undercurrent of sadness as she confidently declares a one-way relationship to be over. While the song comes from personal experience, Abby’s lyrics allow it to be relevant to any faltering relationship, whether it’s with a romance, a friendship or a fading romance.
Abby says, “Remove the toxic people out of your life! I used to archive people I couldn’t handle and pile them up. Well, I’m not a device and I can’t upgrade my mental health storage as and when it’s needed. I want people to sing this mantra and when it’s time, say ‘You are you and I am me and neither of us owe each other sh*t.’ I think that’s a pretty amicable way to end a relationship, no?”
The ‘No Expectations’ EP also features Abby’s recent singles ‘Same Sunrise’, ‘Walking Away’ and ‘For Once’. Leaning into leftfield sounds, the EP as a whole hints at Jorja Smith and Celeste’s brooding R&B and jazz, with a touch of Dua Lipa’shyper catchy modern pop. Its stories are real and relatable: sometimes melancholy, sometimes celebratory, sometimes defiant – but all infused with Abby’s poised personality.

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