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Ada Morghe announces her new album

Ada Morghe releases her first two albums, ‘Pictures’ and ‘Box’, which saw the multifaceted German artist blur the jazzy, torch singer elegance of Edith Piaf with the smooth soul pop of Sade, in the process instigating waves of international critical acclaim. Now Ada broadens her core sound with an ambitious new scope as she prepares to release her new album ‘Lost’ on February 24th. The album is available to pre-order and is launched alongside its lead single ‘The Story’ – listen HERE. Watch the official video HERE.

‘Lost’ is a concept album shaped around the four elements that make the world: fire, air, earth and water. One melody leads to another until the album completes a circle to mirror that of life itself. It has a purpose: to make sense of life. The idea first emerged when Ada was ice bathing in Munich in February 2021. The time you spend ice bathing is fleeting, but it forces your consciousness into the present. It also provides a balance, by uniting the elements to make us at one with nature, as well as escape as those shock-frozen moments transport your mind elsewhere, an experience replicated in long form by ‘Lost’.

Inspired by Pink Floyd’s ‘70s epics, she guided a team of musicians through two partially improvised sessions at Real World Studios. Collaborating again with producer Hans Martin-Buff (best known for his work with Prince), Ada helped each core musician to allow their instrument to inhabit an element: Earth was represented by Livingstone Brown’s bass, water by Luke Smith’s keyboards, fire by Josh MckNasty’s drums, and air by Luca Boscagin’s guitar. After the music came together, so too did the lyrics, with Ada balancing the impressionistic poetry of each song with the classic storytelling structure of the album as a whole.

Ada says, “I always thought of ‘Box’ as my most personal album, but really, this is me. It has the skills I have developed as a director, author, storyteller, even as an art lover. This was the hardest album I have ever made, and unquestionably the most enjoyable. It felt like making a movie. To get lost in the moment, to get lost in the music, and then to find yourself… that’s the best thing.”

Ada Morghe introduces the album with the single ‘The Story’. Its story takes the first step into the circle of life, with Ada acting as the singer and narrator as those wondrous first moments of existence are experienced. The music is just as exploratory and life-affirming, with a collage of experimental jazz and soul that builds and crescendos in unexpected directions. And if you first discovered Ada via songs such as ‘Pictures’ or ‘Oh My Love’, you’ll hear that her beautifully exquisite vocal is just as arresting as ever.

‘The Story’ is accompanied by a video that Ada created with her friend Daniel Man. The Munich-based British-Chinese artist uses the pseudonym Codeak for his graffiti work.

‘Lost’ also features contributions from the harpist Ruth Wall and the German jazz master Till Brönner. The album will be released on digital, CD and vinyl formats. Pre-order / pre-save HERE.