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Ada Morghe ‘Lost’ Album out now

Ada Morghe unites her many talents to dazzling effect as she today shares her new album ‘Lost’.

A singer of pure, expressive elegance as well as a highly accomplished actress, author and director of various theatre and film projects, Ada Morghe unites her many talents to dazzling effect as she today shares her new album ‘Lost’. She launches the record alongside an official video for its title track.
‘Lost’ is a concept album in the old-fashioned sense of the word. It is shaped around the four elements that make the world: fire, air, earth and water. It has a beginning, a middle and an end, with one melody leading to another until it completes a circle to mirror that of life itself. It has a purpose: to make sense of life.
The ambition of its concept is matched by a similarly ground-breaking approach to its music. Each element is represented by an instrument, with the musicians improvising to Ada’s guidelines and primarily recording their parts live. The band consisted of Livingstone Brown on bass (earth), Luke Smith on keys (water), Josh MckNasty on drums (fire) and Luca Boscagin on guitar (air). 

Ada then shaped the album’s sprawling, Pink Floyd-style story with lyrics rich with uplifting poetry and a filmic narrative structure. It was a triumph not only of intuition, but trust: Ada respected her instincts and the band responded to her lead. The puzzle was completed with the expertise of Ada’s co-writer / co-producer Hans Martin-Buff, a man honoured to have been Prince’s favourite engineer. 

The result is a modern classic. Ada has crafted a complex and sophisticated but accessible vocal jazz suite which evokes the majesty of timeless female voices from Marianne Faithfull to Grace Jones and Sade. While it’s a record that revels in philosophically examining the circuitous nature of life – how its minor incidents can lead to moments of major significance, having no choice but to live in the moment, and how we’re all innately interlinked – the overall effect is of glorious, uplifting escapism.
Ada says, “At the beginning I had a blurred picture in mind. Piece by piece it was becoming a full picture. This is the first project where I fully trusted my intuition and the musicians and my producer trusted me. It was a very magical journey. I would love people to take these 42 minutes to lose themselves in the music.”
The album is released alongside a video for its title track, which was directed by Florian Seidel (also the photographer credited with the album cover image) and filmed in Munich with dancers from the Synchro Olympia figure skating team. The music and the visuals combine in tandem to wield an hypnotic allure, with Ada at the centre of a stunningly realised moment of choreography in which movement, lighting and mirrors come together to create an artistic representation of the cycle of life.
‘Lost’ is available to download, stream or to buy on CD or vinyl HERE.
Ada Morghe will celebrate the release of ‘Lost’ by embarking upon the following European headline tour. Tickets are available HERE.
12th – London, Notting Hill Arts Club