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Ada Morghe releases new album ‘Box’

A jazzy, soulful, deeply personal and suitably titled second album, Box out today

When you are an actress, a scriptwriter, a children’s author and a jazz singer, not to mention a mother, a friend, a lover and plenty else besides, how do you describe yourself? As Ada Morghe, Alexandra Helmig has the answer. Don’t put her in a box. This is the inspiration of Ada Morghe’s current journey – a jazzy, soulful, deeply personal and suitably titled second album, Box out now. Listen  HERE

Written and recorded between Livingstone Brown’s studio in London and Peter Gabriel’s studio in Wiltshire,  the 10-track album features the recent singles:  the tight, upbeat funk Wake Up’, the love letter to air ‘Oh My Love and the romantic Parisian inspired ‘Water Lilies’, which has just been placed on YouTube’s Jazz and Blues Experience playlist with over 1.36 million followers. Plus, the highlight of the album, new single ‘Box’.

The groove-based focus single ‘Box’ was co-written with Andrew Roachford, who knows a thing or two about being put in boxes. When he was having hits like Family Man and Cuddly Toy at the end of the 80s he was forever described as the black guy who did rock music.

“He related to the idea in the song,” explains Ada.  “We both had the same question: in your professional life, do you need to have that identity for people to rely on? It got us talking about all aspects of life and being put into a box. We can often judge and make assumptions based on first impressions: by the way people look or the roles they play personally and professionally, but everyone can have several identities. Only by talking and learning from others can we find this out”.

Roachford says, “Writing with Ada Morghe was a unique experience and I’m happy that we managed to capture Ada’s strong individuality when we wrote this song Box”.

The album track listing is:

1. Wake Up
2. Water Lilies
3. Rainy Days
4. Box
5. No More Fools
6. Oh My Love
7. Honey Juice
8. Sugar Lips
9. Weird Fishes – Arpeggi
10. Demons