It’s summer: the sun is shining, everyone is finally out and things seem to be getting back to normal. Time to focus on the beautiful things in life: hanging out with your friends and maybe even meeting that one person, whose love you no longer want to live without. That’s what Freddie Long’s second single ‘Addicted To Your Love’ is all about. Added to Spotify’s ‘Pop Brand New’ playlist – its energising up-tempo pop beat underlined with synth sounds sets the tone for the perfect summer soundtrack. Today Freddie shares the self-directed official video.  LISTEN HERE

Freddie explains, “It’s been hard to film and sort out content due to the covid restricting. So for this one we kept it super DIY. Similar to the last video, myself and my manager built the set, painted the walls and certain objects all one colour, blue. Locking ourselves away in a studio in Berlin for a few days, playing around with the lighting, lasers and smoke machines. The idea around the laser is creating a vortex world within 4 walls. Fast paced cuts following the music, to follow the energy of the song. The cinematic monochrome coloured room, following the theme for the EP ‘motion’. I’m always surprised by what you can create with little budget and hardly any crew.”

‘Addicted To Your Love’ was co-produced by Freddie with Dane Etteridge and Anders Hojer. The collaboration combines Freddie’s current and early sound: Dane is responsible for Freddie’s first successful tracks from 2020 (‘Fade’, ‘White Waters’), while Anders produced the entire ‘Motions’ EP, including its first single ‘In Your Arms’ (over 200k streams), which was released a few weeks back.

Freddie adds, “It was great to work with both Anders and Dane on the production on this. Dane added a really nice live feel to the track and Anders then added touches to add the more electronic pop feel. It was a fun process to work with both producers and I’m really happy with how the song turned out.”

It will be exciting to see this next chapter of the ‘Motions’ EP unfold­, especially since ‘In Your Arms’ resonated so well – not only in the UK, but also in Germany and Italy. The popular Italian Style Magazine profiled Freddie both in print and online, and the song was added to various big German Spotify playlists. In the UK, 78 radio stations added the song to their playlists, and Freddie was featured in the Daily Mirror, among many others.

Freddie Long also announces two live dates today, tickets can be purchased from HERE.

September 2021
14th – Tunbridge Wells, The Forum
15th – London, The Victoria

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