Adonis is an Ivory Coast-born and Montreal-raised singer and songwriter releasing his new track Alright today via Disturbing London. Listen to the track here –

Alright, Adonis’ first release of 2020, not only showcases his abilities as a vocalist but as a talented lyricist as well – with his soothing vocals intertwining with melodic electric guitar to relay messages of unconditional love. Written shortly after the break-up with the mother of his child, Alright cements Adonis’ decision to create positivity out of a painful situation. On creating the song, Adonis says “I wanted to explain that there were no hard feelings or love lost. I just went on the mic and the words came out. It was all in the moment. No matter what hardships we go through, love is always there.”

A portion of the proceeds for Alright will be donated to We Are New Africa – a charity which focuses on training youth and children with interest in creative careers, technology, and sports that Adonis is heavily involved with.

Speaking about Alright, Adonis says:

“The song is about love – universal love and unconditional love. The love we have for one another and love that flows through life. It is a break up song initially but with a positive undertone that love doesn’t go to waste. Just like life, love has a cycle of creation and destruction.”

Although new to the music scene, Adonis has built a successful international career for himself as a fashion model, fronting campaigns for the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford, Beyonce’s Ivy Park and more. As one of the first male black models to be cast for global fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, Adonis has been praised for making progress for representation of the black community in the fashion industry. Born on the Ivory Coast and raised in Canada, Adonis’ uniquely international upbringing has influenced his artistry and view of life.

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