Globally-renowned singer, songwriter and member of the iconic group ABBA, Agnetha Fältskog has shared ‘Back On Your Radio (A+)’ and the accompanying lyric video. Listen to ‘Back On Your Radio’ HERE and watch the lyric video below. The beautiful track is taken from Agnetha’s new album ‘A+’, a reimagined version of her acclaimed 2013 solo album ‘A’. The album is out now and available HERE.

With its uptempo and Tropical House feel, ‘Back On Your Radio’ is arguably the song on the album that has changed the most since the original recordings. While discussing the album, Agnetha described it as “one of my absolute favourites. I love the way it swings and it’s so cool. I want to listen to it all the time”.

Accompanying the song is the new lyric video which was produced solely by animator Aarto Hiiemaa, also known as Josh Twist. Josh also created the music video to Agnetha’s only new song on the album, ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’. Despite an animation of this scale usually requiring a full team of creatives, Josh solely and tirelessly dedicated himself to the project.

‘A+’ is a reimagined version of Agnetha’s solo album ‘A’ released in 2013 and written specially for Agnetha by the acclaimed songwriter and producer Jörgen Elofsson. While approaching the 10 year anniversary of the album, Agnetha Fältskog and Jörgen discussed what the record would sound like if it was created in 2023 and decided to explore the idea together. Agnetha and Jörgen worked alongside fellow producer Anton ‘Hybrid’ Mårtensson and reimagined the album in its entirety, stripping each song back, keeping the original vocals, throwing away all the old music and creating totally brand new productions for 2023, and in turn, a brand new tracklisting. All alongside one completely brand new song, ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’, recorded in full in 2023.

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