LA indie-electronic artist Stephen returns with his long-awaited sophomore album Akrasia, officially out now.

Akrasia is defined as, “the state of mind in which someone acts against their better judgment through weakness of will.”

The album chronicles his struggle with the compulsive pursuit of pleasure, and touches on the subjects of love, addiction, meditation, and the exploration of self. It is his first full-length album release since his Lyme disease diagnosis in 2016, which followed his widely praised debut Sincerely, featuring the hit single “Crossfire” which has amassed over 200mm streams alone.

The diagnosis was a massive crisis filled with life changing experiences. While living back home in Vienna, Virginia, his sickness put things in perspective and provided him clarity on the path he was headed down. In removing himself from the fast lane of life as an artist in LA, Stephen went through a series of self-reflected moments. He soon attempted to figure out the best way to approach being a creative after success came about early on.

Since he started releasing music in 2015, Stephen has entrenched himself in the hearts of an unconditionally loyal fanbase and has amassed an otherworldly three hundred million streams as an independent artist. His music has been championed by the likes of Fader, The Independent, VICE, Complex, YourEDM, SPIN, Variance, This Song is Sick, and many others.

Stephen also recently launched his podcast, where he discusses the journey of life with friends and experts.

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