Twenty years ago, Alex McEwan released his debut album ‘Beautiful Lies’, landed an airplay hit with the Radio 2 playlisted ‘Make A Wave’ and toured the UK as guest to Katie Melua. It’s only now, however, that a second chapter is opening up in his career as the September 28th release of his second album ‘In A World We Don’t Know’ approaches. It’s more than fitting, then, that his brand new single ‘This Feeling Again’ celebrates the joy of unexpected second chances in life, as well as triumphing over adversity. Those are regular themes in Alex’s remarkable story… but we’ll return to that in a moment. Listen HERE. Watch the lyric video below.

‘This Feeling Again’ puts a bright modern pop twist on Alex’s emotionally charged singer-songwriter style, its addictive hook neatly summarising the challenges that he has overcome: “So here I am facing everything that I’ve been running from / So here I am in front of everything that I gave up on.” Alex McEwan wrote the song with Johan Ramström and Patrick Magnusson, and produced it alongside Austen Moorhead. It was completed with additional production from David Kershenbaum (Tracy Chapman) and mixing courtesy of Ash Howes (Jack Savoretti) plus piano from ‘Strictly’ musical director David Arch.

Alex says, “I wrote ‘This Feeling Again’ at a really hopeful time in my life when I had just met my future wife. It’s about being given a second chance after going through some tough times.”

The song takes on a greater emotional heft within the context of Alex’s journey. His first foray in music came at a relatively late stage in life. He had spent some of his twenties working as a supply teacher in some of the toughest schools in London but his life spiralled downhill as he sunk into depression following the death of both his mother and grandmother in quick succession. He resorted to busking around London to make a basic living, supplemented at a particularly low point by selling The Big Issue. During this time, he witnessed first hand the many scenarios that led to his acquaintances living rough – often due to some combination of mental health issues, addiction, the lack of a support network and sheer bad luck. While many passers-by were supportive, he also remembered how many people could be hostile or even violent to those who had already fallen to the fringes of society.

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