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Alex McEwan – ‘Hold Your Hands Out To Me’

Alex today shares the new single ‘Hold Your Hands Out To Me’ and announces album

Alex McEwan is songwriter of rare and special skills, an Americana-channelling Scotsman with a warm, enriching voice and a deft way with a lyric that cuts straight to the heart. His recent single ‘In A World We Don’t Know’ attracted praise from the Americana community, leading to almost half a million streams to date – an achievement all the more remarkable as Alex hadn’t released new music in over sixteen years.
Making the most of his unexpected resurgence, Alex today shares the new single ‘Hold Your Hands Out To Me’ and announces the September 28th release of the ‘In A World We Don’t Know’ album, which is available to pre-order HERE.
‘Hold Your Hands Out To Me’ shows why Alex’s music has touched a growing community of listeners. His voice is tender, soulful and weathered by experience, while his words resonate with the optimism that a personal connection – whether it’s through a relationship, family or a friendship – can help make life’s challenges a little more manageable. Finding the common ground between Americana and indie-folk, the accomplishment behind his songcraft is immediately striking – but that’s a story we’ll explore shortly. LISTEN HERE/

Alex says, “This song is very much my ‘I belong to Glasgow’ moment, inspired by Frankie Miller’s Caledonia and a deep longing for home and past memories during the lockdown period!”

Alex concludes, “What do I think when I look at the album? A sense of achievement. I’ve put 10 songs together that mean everything to me. I get hundreds, thousands of people sending me messages on social media, saying how I’ve touched their hearts. That still blows my mind. And that’s what fires and inspires me as a songwriter. So if the album can mean something to some people, that will just be amazing. Every single connection I make with one of my songs is priceless.”
Alex is confirmed to headline Glad Café in Glasgow on the 4th April. Tickets are available HERE.