When Alex McEwan released ‘Hold Your Hands Out To Me’ it made a strong start as he got the campaign for the September 28th release of his album ‘In A World We Don’t Know’ underway. The single landed Amazing Radio airplay from Jim Gellatly, and the Amazing Roots platform, plus support BBC Scotland and XS Noize premiered the track. It achieved a fresh wave of support for him, adding to previous acclaim from Mojo, Maverick and Americana UK plus Radio 2 airplay from Jeremy Vine and CountryLine.
Now the Scottish singer-songwriter is poised to continue to attract more devotees as he shares his follow-up single ‘Rodeo Star’ along with its official video, which was premiered on Americana UK this morning and is currently BBC Radio Scotland’s Record of The Week. Listen HERE

‘Rodeo Star’ tells the story of a man whose big ambitions have remained unfulfilled. Instead of the rodeo star of the title, its narrator is a cab driver in the heart of Nashville. While he never lost sight of those dreams, his reality is that they’re unlikely to come true. Yet deep down he knows that is who he really is, regardless of how his life has turned out. It’s a song which is full of the yearning, nostalgic and world-weary qualities that make Alex McEwan such an engaging writer. Those aspects are also delivered with the grainy, dusky soul of his vocal, beautifully plaintive slide guitar, and lyrical references to advice passed down the generations – plus a fleeting fictional cameo from Johnny Cash. 
Alex says, “After coming back to the UK from Nashville, it all seemed like a different world, but hanging out with the folks in Nashville I realised we have all got dreams. The great thing about Nashville is that it’s a place where dreamers like myself are welcomed.”

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