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Alma releases new single ‘I Forgive Me’

“This is a song I wrote when I needed to forgive myself!” says Alma

Finland’s ALMA is well established as one of the most exciting alt-pop stars to emerge in recent years. After returning with her blissful recent track ‘Everything Beautiful’, ALMA’s journey continues with her brand new single ‘I Forgive Me’.  Listen HERE.

‘I Forgive Me’ snaps into life in a perfect package of lustrous synths, stinging beats and – of course – that voice which hits upon the perfect balance of power and grace. What emerges is a surging alt-pop earworm with an open-minded, punk-fuelled spirit and the bravery to expose her vulnerabilities to the world at large. ALMA looks deep into her own weakness and concludes that forgiveness, both to other people and, vitally, herself, is the first step to a healthier future.

ALMA says, “This is a song I wrote when I needed to forgive myself! If I’ve hurt someone’s feelings or made them feel bad for some reason, I find it very hard to overcome. It got to a point where I was trying to make everyone like me, despite that being impossible. There are always going to be people who don’t like you or what you do. I think we’re all so ready to judge others without seeing their side of the story. I feel like talking, listening to each other, and forgiving yourself and others is the key to finding your own peace and happiness.”

The stories that ALMA tells within ‘I Forgive Me’ and ‘Everything Beautiful’ are intimate in a way beyond even the narratives of her acclaimed debut album ‘Have U Seen Her?’. Working with the young female producer Elvira Anderfjärd (Taylor Swift, Tove Lo), who won the Producer Of The Year at the 2022 Swedish Grammys, gave ALMA the freedom to express herself in a way that wouldn’t have been possible had she been working with one of the middle-aged male producers who dominate the industry.

While pop remains her dominant form of expression, the R&B, trap and alternatives leanings of her debut are now coloured with a wider sonic spectrum, especially with influences from her favourite artists from her youth: Elton John, MGMT and ABBA.

The flame-haired 26-year-old ALMA has clearly been different from the pack since her first releases in 2016. She travelled the world and honed her craft. She emerged with her own distinct pop vision as her breakthrough ‘Chasing Highs’ (a UK Top 20 hit) set the standard for ‘Have U Seen Her?’, which reached #1 in her homeland of Finland. She has also collaborated with a who’s who of global talent which also includes Stefflon Don, Martin Solveig, French Montana, Sam Feldt and Kim Petras.

2023 will see the release of ALMA’s long-awaited second album. ALMA hasn’t compromised an inch, but ‘I Forgive Me’ shows that even bigger things are waiting just over the horizon.