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Alma shares new single ‘Hey Mom, Hey Dad’

The final weeks of 2022 saw the flame-hair Finn ALMA enjoy a big moment with ‘Summer Really Hurt Us’, as the single raced up the German airplay charts, landed on The Quietus’ and Popjustice’s Top Tracks of 2022 list, and was performed at her sold-out London show at Omeara. Now ALMA doesn’t hesitate to propel that momentum into the new year, starting with her new track ‘Hey Mom Hey Dad’. Listen HERE.

‘Hey Mom Hey Dad’ finds ALMA reflecting on her very personal family experience. ALMA and her twin sisters Anna had to look after their wheelchair-bound parents since childhood after their father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and their mother with rheumatoid arthritis. It was a great responsibility for two children and at times a heavy burden – but as the two sisters grew up, they realised the strength that comes with their parents’ life. And as ALMA started to achieve success, she realised that her accomplishments would provide both the money and the opportunities to make a substantial difference to their lives.

ALMA’s impassioned vocal and dynamic diva fill the song with her inimitable personality, while the production’s mix of modern alt-pop, power ballad melody and an undercurrent of Beatles-tinged psychedelia feels quite unlike anything else within the contemporary music scene.

ALMA says, “As it has been a strange couple of years, it felt natural for me to start opening up about my upbringing and how it has affected my life. Some people know that I come from a dysfunctional family and until now I have never really wanted to tell my story. By dysfunctional I mean that both of my parents are in a wheelchair – my father has MS and my mother has been ill with different stuff throughout the years. It’s been hard at times, and I feel like me and my twin sister had to grow up too quickly.

I can’t really remember a time when I felt I could just be a kid. And when someone is struggling in your family, everyone around must take care of that person – which is even harder when it’s both parents.  And when your parents can’t physically show you love or boundaries, it’s extremely difficult, it helped me realise how important words and emotions are, which is one of the reasons why I think I started writing songs.

My parents have however taught me so much – especially about never giving up. I’m happy I can share this through my music and help my fans who are in a similar position to know they are not alone. This song is not a sad story – it’s just a real story. No family is perfect, but we are all trying our best”.