Anassa is a future forward pop star born out of the adrenaline rush of club culture & armed with a stack of huge songs that are ready to BE THE soundtrack TO our lives.

Anassa has already featured on the two huge club hits over Summer ‘22 including ‘Summer of Love’ with Tom Ferry, released on Jonas Blue’s Electronic Nature label & synced on with Love Island UK & USA & and renown UK producer Z Dot’s recent ‘Too Blind’ club banger.


While Anassa has been singing for as long as she can remember – “always around the house, being a nuisance to my family” – a career in music wasn’t exactly guaranteed. But it was in facing early, school-age setbacks however, that she developed a headstrong attitude and conjured the motivation which has since helped shape her career path. “I’ve moved around a lot, and music’s been the constant throughout,” she notes, reflecting on the all-consuming relationship she has with her work, or obsession.

Luckily enough that passion for music has meant Anassa has a knack for writing big tunes that link back to her clubbing roots, massive hooks, tough melodies, and soaring vocals. Like many new artists Anassa wants to take control over her career and release music on her own terms, fully in control, and the first fruits is the ultra-infectious new single ‘On and On’.

Teaming with Mobo award winning UK rapper Alika ‘On and On’ was written by Anassa, Z Dot, Alika & Krunchie, and delivers on all fronts as it grooves its way into an ear worm that will undoubtedly be huge in the new year.

Anassa explains..
‘“I loved working with Z dot and Alika for ‘On and On’, this track is my first solo record and the start of many, it fuses the sounds of my clubbing routes with a great hook, I’m so excited for what’s to come in 2023, some many great songs and this is just the start”

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