Today, adored Australian duo Angus & Julia Stone unveil their new single ‘Losing You,’ the third offering from their forthcoming sixth studio album Cape Forestier, due for release via Play It Again Sam on 10th May. The album is available to pre-order/save HERE. Listen to ‘Losing You’ HERE.

With its melodic guitar strums, complementary vocals and memorable chorus, the seductive ‘Losing You’ is another heartfelt track to follow previous singles ‘The Wedding Song’ and title track ‘Cape Forestier’.Speaking on the new single, Angus and Julia explain: “This song is about the dance between discovery and loss, the essence of love’s journey—filled with so many moments of both finding and losing.

Playing this track together is incredibly enjoyable, mostly because we sing in harmony throughout the entire song. We’ve done a lot of singing in unison on the last couple of records, but singing in harmony is a special experience; there’s something about the familial tone of our voices blending together a third apart that has a real magic for us. The feel of the song also reminds us of the songs our parents played us… long road trips up the east coast of Australia, where we’d sing in the back of the car to mum and dads favourite tunes from the 60’s and 70’s.

Inspired by the fluidity of the dance between love and loss, our vision for the accompanying video was to mirror this dynamic through movement. We wanted to evoke the sensation of being consumed by shadows and darkness, only to emerge into the light, ultimately rediscovering ourselves once again.”

Cape Forestier plays like a storybook from the hearts and minds of Angus & Julia Stone, with each song revealing itself as a different page. Reminiscent of their earlier records, the songs move from love stories like ‘My Little Anchor’ or the soaring ‘Somehow,’ a burning tale of unrequited love, to the likes of ‘Down to The Sea’ that explore a unique view of society and what goes on around us. Together, the tracks on Cape Forestier are strikingly poignant and textured recordings that immediately draw listeners into the simple and endearing vision of Angus and Julia Stone’s world.

Alongside announcing their new album last month, Angus & Julia Stone also revealed details of their forthcoming 2024 World Tour, featuring two dates in the UK, including a show at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall on 28th May. Tickets are available HERE. For more information please visit

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