17 year old rising singer-songwriter Anna Sofia continues to stride into 2020 in rare fashion with the reveal of new single Happy For You, taken from the upcoming Broken Perfection EP. A driving indie-pop cut showcasing Anna Sofia’s stellar vocal atop dreamy production, the track serves as further testament to the talent of this up and comer, who already boast supports from the likes of Complex, Wonderland, IDOLATOR and more. Speaking on the release, Anna Sofia states:

happy for you is about this guy that i really really liked. i was away on a family trip and in the middle of the trip found out he got a girlfriend (the rest of my trip was sad after that). i was prettyyyy upset. the song is me explaining that i’m happy for this guy but then the production and the way the lyrics are sung help the audience understand that i’m being sarcastic. visually i wanted to incorporate different wigs to portray the times i’ve changed for this person to hopefully like me. i want my audience to see that and understand that changing yourself for someone to like you in any way really isn’t necessary. surround yourself with people that like you for who you are and wanna be.

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“I want to be as real as I can,” says rising pop hero Anna Sofia. “I don’t want to have to try and hide anything from anyone – in my music, on my social media, it’s all the truth.”

At just 17, the Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has won critical acclaim, millions of streams and legions of dedicated fans for one simple reason: she’s being herself. Her music is not the result of focus groups, marketing or following trends. There’s no hindsight and no lecturing. She’s just an artist living in the moment, reflecting life back to the same people coming of age and navigating the drama of becoming an adult – with sophisticated but immediate indie meets R&B bangers that are totally free of pretense and bullshit, singing directly from the heart of the Gen Z experience.

While determined to reach as many people as possible, Anna Sofia has no manifesto or mission statement – just to stay true and speak to others. “I don’t have a message. It’s just real life,” she admits. “One day, I hope to fill stadiums all over the world. I want to have fans everywhere and have some way of helping them or guiding them through my music. My confidence comes from being myself and connecting with people.”

Look out for more from Anna Sofia very soon

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