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‘Are We Gonna Be Alright’ Fickle friends Album

Fickle Friends are set to embark upon a huge reintroduction as they share their exhilarating new single ‘Love You To Death’

Fickle Friends first established their reputation entirely independently, touring extensively throughout the UK and Europe before hitting the Top 10 with their major label debut album ‘You Are Someone Else’. Over the course of the last 18 months, they’ve returned to their DIY roots and broadened the scope of their sound with two seasons of the ‘Weird Years’ EP series. It earned the band widespread critical acclaim as they exceeded 120 million career streams.

Now Fickle Friends are set to embark upon a huge reintroduction as they share their exhilarating new single ‘Love You To Death’. LISTEN HERE. It’s the first track to preview their upcoming second album ‘Are We Gonna Be Alright?’, which will be released on January 14th. In addition, the band also announce details of their first full headline tour in over two years. First comes an intimate album teaser show at The Sebright Arms this Friday 10th September, which sold-out immediately.

‘Love You To Death’ is a huge statement of intent for Fickle Friends’ second album. A natural modern evolution of the ‘80s sounds that they touched upon in  ‘Weird Years’, it’s first-rate, fun-fuelled funk that’s full of flavours that echo Prince – all the while keeping the killer hooks that infused the band’s original indie-pop sound. What’s more it gives every Friend the chance to shine. Natti Shiner’s vocals are alive with confidence and charisma; punchy, choppy guitars from Jack Wilson heighten the Prince / Nile Rodgers energy; and Jack Herrington and Sam Morris bring the tight, insistent rhythms.

Natti Shiner says, “‘Love You To Death is just pure fun. It was so sick to explore this new Prince-esque side of Fickle Friends. The music is so simple and it gave us a lot of space to go a little crazy with the guitar shredding and backing vocals. I think every family member and their neighbour sings on this! It’s a song about loving someone so much you might actually kill them. I’m pretty amazed by just how much I can feel sometimes, like it’s quite overwhelming a lot of the time. That’s where this song comes from.”