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As Sirens Fall announce new single ‘Puppy Squad’

‘The legacy of British emo is safe in the hands of As Sirens Fall.’ – Alternative Press

 As Sirens Fall, West Yorkshire’s worst-kept secret, aggressive pop pioneers, are showing no signs of slowing down, with the announcement of the release of their third single in six months. 

Following the success of ‘We Go Down Together’ and ‘Holy Water’, ‘Puppy Squad’ sprints into view – a resonant, visceral and venomous anthem for anyone who has dealt with bullies or abusers. ‘Puppy Squad’ showcases the band’s unabashed honesty and larger- than-life tendencies, all while displaying an aggressive defiance to being made to feel small, worthless or naive. 

It’s becoming more and more clear with each musical outing from As Sirens Fall that this is a band that has abandoned the idea of genre and pigeonholing altogether. This refusal to box themselves in has allowed them to consistently surprise their astonishingly passionate fanbase and to explore themselves as artists. ‘Puppy Squad’ is perhaps the heaviest song As Sirens Fall have penned thus far, yet it still bares the same theatrics and over-the-top characteristics As Sirens Fall fans have come to know and love. It captures a defiant, relentless energy that the band felt their listeners might find relatable. 

‘I wrote the lyrics to this song when I was all full up with rage – but also filled with hope,’ says As Sirens Fall vocalist Mikey Lord. ‘This is a song about escaping toxic relationships, be they romantic or otherwise. For a very long time I felt trapped with manipulative, agenda-driven people who made me feel like a sidekick – like I was small and worthless. It was dressed up as love, but it was all fake. Nothing I did was ever good enough. Who I was didn’t feel good enough. My world felt so small and as if at any minute everything was going to fall apart around me. I felt like I had lost touch entirely with who I am. I had to fight really hard to get away from that and to get back to me, and I LOVED the idea that as small as they made me feel I could still fight back – a tiny, adorable little dog baring his teeth and taking back control.’ 

‘Puppy Squad’ will be available to stream/purchase on all major music platforms from the 15th of May. 

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