Ashley Lauren – ‘Alive” single review by George Kirby

Ashley Lauren is taking the globe by storm with her latest release, ‘Alive’. It is a track which empowers with a meaningful message, and the quality which is on display is difficult to resist.

Vocally, Ashley arrives like the fresh air which comes through the window on a warm summer day. Her tone is impressive, and her confidence drips from the moment she opens her vocal cords. Also, I relish the passion in her voice, so much so I can almost reach out and touch her sentimental aura.

Musically, this new track takes on a new direction. Furthermore, the pace regularly picks up before taking us back down to earth. Also, the structural arrangement is unorthodox given that it does not follow a pattern which we have become accustomed to in recent times. It is also stimulating to hear the singer take us on a unique path of her own. As a result, it feels as though we are on an adventure from the start with Ashley unleashing a memorable storyline. Her message is about a special someone making us feel alive the moment we speak to them. I am sure we can all relate to this, well I certainly can.

Overall, ‘Alive’ does everything which it says on the tin. Furthermore, it instils life in all of us with a bold message. Also, it carries a pop foundation which we do not hear all too often these days, and I enjoy how Ashley keeps it real with her influences from Gospel and commercial pop taking the lead for the most part.

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