Just three songs into his career and Ashley Singh is already firmly one to watch. An organic, word-of-mouth following helped to push his career streams to date to over 20 million with subsequent playlist support that has included New Pop UK(Spotify) and Today’s Acoustic (Apple Music), while his breakout hit ‘10 Summers’ has also amassed 20 million video views across platforms. Factor in airplay at BBC Introducing, live shows with Emily Roberts and Benson Boone, Open Verse Edition collabs with Alfie Jukes, elijah woods and Jaylon Ashaun, and it’s clear that Ashley’s upwards momentum is undeniable.

Ashley Singh’s rise continues with the release of his debut EP ‘Between Love and Lonely’ on Warner Records. The EP is launched alongside a new video for his current single ‘Autopilot’.


With the ‘Between Love and Lonely’ EP, Ashley shares five vignettes of a fading relationship – from the warning signs that things are going downhill to the desperation of feeling as if he’ll never recover from the subsequent break-up. Ashley’s songs convey both the small details and big emotions that come with heartache underpinned by his sparse productions which provide the space for his soulful, whole-hearted vocal to expose every vulnerability. All of its songs were written by Ashleywith various collaborators including Benjamin Francis Leftwich (Holly Humberstone).

Ashley says, “This EP is about moments from my life where I felt as if I was trapped ‘Between Love and Lonely’. The songs span across one relationship, from feeling not good enough to be beside them, to hating that I’ve lost them, to not being able to get over them. I hope that wherever you are when listening, that if you feel the same, you can find some peace in knowing you are not the only one who has felt this way.”

The EP is launched alongside a new video for his current single ‘Autopilot’. Adding a powerfully affecting sense of drama to his style, the song explores his feelings in the aftermath of the break-up – a time when he would embrace anything that gave him a brief respite from the pain.

He adds, “After breaking up, I would do literally anything to not start thinking about her, no matter how destructive. I spent a lot of time outside the house, at parties, pubs and bars trying desperately to not be reminded. It was as if I had to move through life on autopilot, awake but vacant, because as soon as I had the opportunity to think about anything, I would think about her and it would hurt. There were brief moments where I couldn’t help but be thrown out of this state, like for example when I came across her old hairbrush. But these were fleeting. My body became so accustomed to destroying itself, as that was so much easier than missing her.”

The ‘Autopilot’ video puts a subversive spin on the song’s narrative. Submerged by the song’s overwhelming emotions Ashley is shown letting life slip him by, seemingly without even noticing. Whether he’s slumped at home on the sofa or sitting in the bath, his autopilot status makes him oblivious to the events that surround him – in this case, countless people gradually emptying every single item from his home. And when there’s little else to take, Ashley himself is carried on a chair to a removal van, clearly too despondent to care.

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