Norwegian alt-pop sensation AURORA today returns with her new single ‘Your Blood’. The cathartic and synth-infused track marks the singer-songwriter’s first material since her third, and highest charting album to date, ‘The Gods We Can Touch’ which went Top 10 in the Official UK Album Chart.

The new music follows the announcement of her very first book, The Gods We Can Touch, out on November 16th via Decca Records & Faber Music: signed copies were sold out in less than an hour, and printing press had to be relaunched due to unprecedented high demand. More information:

The track finds AURORA letting her guard down in an ode to the human soul, celebrating its vulnerability, emotions and flaws.

“The world is always bleeding. And you never know what is going on under people’s skin. I think it’s only when we reach out to each other, that we understand what compassion and beauty we are capable of as human beings. Even if we can’t understand what people are going through: we should still try. If we don’t, what is a life truly worth? Sometimes addressing the pain, your own, or the pain of the world hurts so much it feels like dying. But in truth, I believe it is then we are born. Your blood. My blood. Our blood.” AURORA explains.

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