Bad With Phones, the Deptford frontman, guitarist and songwriter takes the wheel and steers us into a bliss-soaked tailspin with his new single ‘drive’ listen HERE. which is out now on Don’t Sleep. Bad With Phones also announces the release of his new album ‘CRASH’ on 12th July which will be accompanied by an album launch event on Friday July 5th at 7pm, where he will perform songs from the album live for the first time as well as DJ, alongside Dean Bryce from Don’t Sleep the label and soundsystem.

Bad With Phones, aka Manny, has conjured up an inspired slice of synth-pop meets indie-electro with ‘drive.’ A proper bop, a gnarly love song backed by that distinctive electric guitar and synth that belongs to after-hours dancefloors. The ‘drive’ single artwork features a jeep, destroyed, on a volcanic landscape, a real-life car crash that Manny walked away from unscathed. The tongue in cheek visualiser here features Manny playfully driving an open top with a lady friend on the open road.

‘drive’ is the next single taken from ‘CRASH’ the debut album from Bad With Phones, which drops 12th July. He comes complete with pink wig and shades for this latest iteration, evolving from his ‘Marinade’ mixtape era and underground hits ‘ ON1’ (with over 1.6million streams), ‘Refrigerator’ , and Monica.

Manny says “Ever felt like you wanted to own the karaoke booth you and your friends rented out and sing something passionate to them? Then this ballad is for you. ‘drive.’ is a romantic song about someone trying to be romantic but come off a bit crazy and delusional in the pursuit of love. Love is the law under will and sometimes our desire for something can push us to a place of undermining love. I wrote this track in Berlin with my friend Cassie. Berlin is a place that inspires my songwriting and art. The visuals are a representation of the real crash I had, but it’s also a metaphor for choosing love through the good and the bad.”

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