Bad With Phones, the artist whose enigmatic blend of weirdo pop, spoken word, R&B and indie-electro, releases new single ‘TICKET’, out today now on Don’t Sleep. Listen HERE.

Bad With Phones follows the single release with a ‘CRASH’ album launch event on Friday July 5th at 7pm at the BBE Store in East London. ‘TICKET’ is the fourth single from forthcoming album ‘CRASH’ out 12th July, the album is inspired by and created after surviving a life-changing car crash, reflected by the album artwork featuring a jeep, destroyed, on a volcanic landscape.

With ‘TICKET’, Bad With Phones, aka Manny, has conjured up a stunning, psychedelic, blissed-out yet damaged indie anthem, that sweeps the listener away on the wings of redemption with its synth strings, devotional choral harmonies and rolling syncopated drums, wrapped in Manny’s intimate spoken word and mesmerising chorus “How am I supposed to tell you I’m alright now, maybe I should show you”. The ‘TICKET’ visualiser features Manny, an angel in disguise to assist you in blowing your mind, as he rides onward into the sunset.

Manny comes complete with pink wig and shades for his ‘CRASH’ era, evolving from his ‘Marinade’ mixtape era and underground hits ‘ ON1’ (with over 1.6million streams), ‘Refrigerator’ , and Monica.

‘CRASH’ is a collection of 10 songs that take us on Bad With Phones’ shroomified, rollercoaster journey in what he describes as ‘my sonic therapy session’. ‘CRASH’ is packed with late night, intimate anthems, after hours love songs and comedown soothers for the day after a mangled night. Pre-Save Here

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