In 1957, Buddy Holly had just had success with his hit song “That’ll Be The Day” and soon his fans would be treated to his next hit “Peggy Sue.” That’s the version of Buddy Holly that we at BASE Hologram chose to feature on “The Rock ‘N’ Roll Dream Tour” which fans across the globe can buy tickets to starting this week.

This was when Buddy was in his prime, where he was on top of the charts and charming audiences across the country with his catchy tracks and trademark “geek chic” look. In fact, one of the things that really makes this particular hologram tour stand out is that a new generation of fans will finally get to see what Buddy Holly really looked like.

What people may not have realised is most of the colour shots of him had been retouched over the years and the video is in grainy black & white. Whatyou are going to see here is true Buddy at his finest and exactly how he would have looked if you saw him on tour.
As we’ve always said, our productions are meant to be a tribute to these musical legends and to do that we have to be authentic. The main goal in these types of shows is to preserve the legacy of one-of-a-kind musicians and using their actual master recordings, give fans the chance to see them perform – many for the first time.

That’s the promise we make the families and the estates, as well as the public. We are honoured to have been entrusted us with this privilege and we look forward to sharing this project with you in the fall.

What we are showing today is just a small sample of the full show which will also feature a live band, backup singers, dancers and cinematic special effects that is choreographed and fully produced by the best in the industry. You’ll also find below video from our Roy Orbison tour as an example of what the final product will look like this fall when the show featuring both icons launches.

Our hope is that audiences will feel like they are being drawn into an experience where fantasy becomes reality…the magic of which never fades away.
Tickets for UK dates are on sale, promoted by Kennedy Street Enterprises and are available from or directly from venues, prices from £45.
To purchase tickets or to find more information, please see


  • October 7, 2019    – 3 Arena – Dublin, Ireland
  • October 8, 2019    – Waterfront Hall – Belfast, United Kingdom
  • October 10, 2019  – Utilita Arena – Newcastle, United Kingdom
  • October 11, 2019  – Apollo – Manchester, United Kingdom
  • October 12, 2019  – M&S Arena 2 – Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • October 13, 2019  – First Direct Arena – Leeds, United Kingdom
  • October 14, 2019  – Bonus Arena – Hull, United Kingdom
  • October 16, 2019  – Armadillo – Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • October 17, 2019 –  Resorts World Arena – Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • October 18, 2019  – International Centre – Bournemouth, United Kingdom
  • October 21, 2019 –  Royal Centre – Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • October 22, 2019 –  Brighton Centre – Brighton, United Kingdom
  • October 23, 2019 –  Motorpoint Arena – Cardiff, United Kingdom
  • October 24, 2019 –  Hammersmith Apollo – London, United Kingdom

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