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Beau Diako shares new single ‘Birthmark’

Beau Diako today shares the new single ‘Birthmark’, which features emawk.

Beau Diako’s recent singles ‘Nylon’ and ‘Fretless’ have united the rising producer/guitarist/songwriter with featured artists such as Bas, Etta Bond and Tobi Tunis, leading to fresh acclaim from Wonderland and The Line of Best Fit. Continuing to illuminate his unique artistry ahead of the April 1st release of his debut album ‘Nylon’, Beau today shares the new single ‘Birthmark’, which features emawk. Listen HERE.

‘Birthmark’ continues the fluid, cross-genre approach that has been a mainstay of Beau’s recent tracks. Heavenly honeyed vocals from emawk push the song into the alt-R&B sphere, but Beau flavours those foundations with a hazy and hypnotically laid-back indie-pop vibe, as well as the gentle, jazzy grace that he coaxes from his guitar work. emawk’s lyrics chart the excitement of a new relationship: the joy and exposed vulnerabilities of sharing those things which are otherwise hidden from the world at large.

Beau Diako says“Emawk is one of the most talented musicians I know and it’s always inspiring to make music with him. Birthmark is a track I started a few years ago in my usual routine of layering guitars over and over again until I find the sound I like. Once I had the drums and other instruments working together around the guitars, I knew it was another song I would love to hear Emawk on. We’ve made a few songs together and this one is my favourite of the lot, a different sound and a bit more of a journey.”

As hinted at by ‘Birthmark’, the ‘Nylon’ album possesses a brightness and exuberance that reveals new layers of depth with each listen. The breadth of both Beau’s influences and the individual styles provided by its guest vocalists makes for an album which is fresh at every turn. But it is united by Beau’s consistently inventive touch and reassuring warmth. ‘Nylon’ is available to pre-save HERE.

Featured vocalist emawk – also a songwriter and producer – was born in Boston, raised in Kenya, and is now based in NYChaving graduated from the Berklee College of Music. His versatility and ear for intricate details, as demonstrated in his EPs ‘IFIEVERCANTMAKEIT.JPG’ and ‘for ness’, show that he and Beau are kindred spirits. Ones To Watch stated that he“breathes new life into breezy R&B” while comparing him to a young Masego.