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Begonia shares new single ‘Right Here’

Begonia says, “‘Right Here’ is a love song for all my friends.”

Begonia became established as one of Canada’s biggest breaking artists with her 2019 debut album ‘Fear’, which was nominated for a JUNO Award for Adult Alternative Album Of The Year and was longlisted for The Polaris Music Prize. Now Begonia – real name Alexa Dirks – introduces herself to UK audiences with her new single ‘Right Here’, which previews the February 24th release of her second album ‘Powder Blue’. Listen HERE. Pre-order ‘Powder Blue’ HERE.

‘Right Here’ is a compelling introduction to Begonia’s world class talents. Her earth-shaking voice finds the sweet spot between towering diva flair and the playful personality that has won over so many fans in her homeland. The song is equally unforgettable, bringing superstar vocals, Motown warmth, bedroom pop intimacy and classic soul into one package which immediately feels like an established classic.

Begonia says, “‘Right Here’ is a love song for all my friends. We started writing it in December 2019 about how I was on tour all the time: always feeling like I was missing my friends’ milestones, parties, birthdays etc. I love what I do, but the sacrifice is that you’re not really someone who can like… BE THERE physically for a lot of important (and unimportant) things back home.

We never fully finished the song that December, but then we picked it up again during pandemic lockdowns and it started to take on a whole new meaning. At that time, it felt like everyone was missing everything/everyone because we had to stay apart. Another way this song could be interpreted (that I didn’t originally intend) is that I’m haunting all my best friends when they go out without me. Maybe that’s creepy but also… tender? It’s meant to be tender, haha.”

Begonia wrote and produced ‘Right Here’ with her regular collaborators Matt Schellenberg and Matt Peters (both of Royal Canoe) along with Marcus Paquin (The National, Arcade Fire, Local Natives). The song is released alongside a video that was directed by Eric Peterson. Watch the official video HERE.

‘Right Here’ tees up ‘Powder Blue’, an album which holds a muted nostalgic touch, with musings on religion, virginity, gender identity and sexuality. It encompasses Begonia’s emotional depth, but also a pop lightness. These are two sides she’s always tried to balance and on ‘Powder Blue’ she let her guard down even more to reveal her most vulnerable songs yet.

The album sees Begonia calling upon inspirations such as Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell, Gillian Welch, Fiona Apple and Erykah Badu to create a body of work that will speak to fans of Caroline Polachek, Florence + The Machine and Jessie Ware.

She adds, “‘Powder Blue’ is more of an emotion. It makes me think of my baby blanket, the colour of the virgin mary’s shawl at the church Christmas play, the airiness of clouds on a summer day, chlorine filled water in a hotel pool, Elvis in the ‘70s wearing an ill-fitting jumpsuit, the wallpaper in my room growing up, the collection of faded denim jackets in my basement. The name of this album needed to be something that encompasses all of the feelings that these songs give me when they are put together.”