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Bella Poarch stars in Sub Urban’s video for ‘Cirque’

 ‘Cirque’ dives into a wondrous world drawing on elements of fantasy through the lens of a 21-year-old visionary artist.

Expanding his world once again as he nears a billion global streams, alternative pop ringmaster Sub Urban today unveils the blockbuster music video for ‘Cirque’. Directed by Andrew Donoho with Sub Urban behind the imaginative and creative direction, the video features a special guest appearance by Asian-American TikTok sensation Bella Poarch. The song remains a standout from his debut EP, ‘Thrill Seeker’, which was released last year via Warner Records.

He chose to pull the curtain back on the visual today as it marks the one-year anniversary of his ‘Freak’ music video featuring REI AMI, which has amassed over 145 million YouTube views to date. The ‘Cirque’ music video simultaneously nods to old-school gangster flicks and wild sci-fi. In the cinematic visual, Sub Urban finds himself in the middle of a mob shakedown, under the spell of a showgirl, and controlling an extra-terrestrial force powerful enough to cause chaos from one dimension to the next. It’s a must-watch.

Completely self-produced, ‘Cirque’ dives into a wondrous world drawing on elements of fantasy through the lens of a 21-year-old visionary artist. Covered by The Face, NME, Notion, PAPER Magazine, Genius, Pigeons & Planes, Billboard and Alternative Press, Sub Urban’s subversive lyrics, compelling visuals, pop sensibility and haunting melodies are captivating the eyes and ears of young people across the globe.

Danny Maisonneuve, professionally known as Sub Urban, is a singer/songwriter and record producer. Born in Nyack, New York to a Taiwanese mother and a French-Canadian father, Danny was raised in Ridgewood, New Jersey. He was trained in classical piano from the early age of 6 until he was 15, and it was then that he began digitally producing his own music. He learned to sing shortly after his early development as a producer.

In January 2019, Danny’s career was in for a ride with the release of his song ‘Cradles’, which took the world by storm with the aid of TikTok. The song skyrocketed to success and landed at #1 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs Chart. To date, ‘Cradles’ has racked up over half a billion streams, over 300 million views of the official video and is one of the most TikToked songs of all time. Sub Urban followed the success of ‘Cradles’ with his debut EP ‘Thrill Seeker’ to widespread acclaim for his singular amalgamation of pop,  alternative and electronic music. It also features the smash hit ‘Freak’ featuring REI AMI, which has amassed over 150 million streams. Sub Urban is blazing a trail through today’s popular music landscape on his own terms.