BENJAMIN FRANCIS LEFTWICH has announced his new album SOME THINGS BREAK will be released on 9 February 2024. The album consists of ten brand new tracks, all written and performed by Leftwich and follows his previous album To Carry A Whale, released in 2021. The first single taken from the album, Break In The Weather, is out now accompanied by a live video.

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Some Things Break sees a subtle reinvention in Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s sound and the honesty laid bare in the album’s lyrics. Of this new direction, Leftwich says:“It feels like a new voice, in a way. I guess a more human and perhaps a more surrendered voice. Learning to hold onto certain things and let go of others, with as much grace as possible … I feel like I’m hiding less on this record. Ultimately I think it’s a record about a kind of slow acceptance that some things break and, for me, sometimes that necessary for healing.”

Of the single, Break In The Weather, Benjamin adds: “Break In The Weather is a song about holding onto hope for tomorrow in a wild world. It’s really a kind of surrendered prayer for the sunlight of the spirit to come out again after hurting and separation, whether that be relationally, emotionally or spiritually.”

As well as a broader range in Leftwich’s voice, the album features a richer instrumentation compared to the more stripped back sound of his earlier work. His unmistakable acoustic guitar remains present throughout, but at times is backed with the sounds of piano, choirs, subtle drum beats and effects that help create a dense and layered soundscape for his candid and vulnerable lyrics.

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