Ber launches her new EP with the new focus track ‘Whatever Forever’, a feelgood guitar-led groove that provides a spirited early summer vibe as the counterpoint to her more introspective recent songs. Ber’s lyrics celebrate how exhilarating it feels when someone steps into your life in such a way that suddenly anything feels possible. While it’s a song that feels completely in tune with a new romance, its inspiration instead comes from the power of friendship. LISTEN HERE

Ber says, “It’s rare to meet people that you wish would just stick around forever! After my first headline tour, I had fallen in love with my bandmates and friends that were on that tour and just couldn’t imagine a world where we didn’t get to do that for the rest of our lives. After a trip to LA to write and hang out with someone I had known for a long time, I left feeling so anxious to just get back to that place, in their car, on their roof, on their sofa just listening to our favourite songs and drinking wine, feeling so myself and so happy for the first time in what felt like forever.

This song is about those people and those moments that you find yourself lost in that you never want to end. This song feels like sunshine to me and has soundtracked some of the happiest moments from the last year of my life. I am so happy for it to finally be out!”

The EP is completed by a second new song in the shape of ‘Middle of Nowhere’. It’s a song which adds a touch of folk to her storytelling style of pop before building into a powerful crescendo, with Ber ruminating on a relationship in which she gave far more than she ever received in return.

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