Bourgeoning alt-pop star Beren Olivia has released her soaring, lovelorn new single ‘Is That What You Like Now’. Against all odds, 2020 was the year of Beren establishing herself; seeing the 22 year old go from zero to over 2.5 million streams, huge support at BBC Radio 1 and over 30,000 dedicated followers around the world with just a handful of singles released. Now with her debut EP in the pipeline, 2021 looks set to be the year Beren Olivia steps out and into the ready and waiting spotlight.

Beren’s bright reality is capturing the bare essence of what it is to be young, navigating those winding formative pathways and the new track – produced by Dylan Bauld (Halsey, Simple Creatures)  is an all too relatable heavy-hitter from the developing songwriter.

“Everyone at some point has stalked their ex online. They’ve found someone new and against your better judgment you’re making comparisons between yourself and them. ‘Is That What You Like Now’ is about seeing that new person as your complete opposite down to the smallest details  –  ‘I see you’re moving on from brown to blue eyes. I guess you’re liking blonde that’s not like mine’ and the doubts it casts over your whole relationship.”

Having fallen in love with lyrics after inheriting a book of poetry ‘as big as her head’ from her mum, honing her skills teaching herself guitar at age 13 and a following successful modelling stint – Beren has found her feet as one of the UK’s brightest young prospects. With music equally informed by Halsey, Anne-Marie as it is Avril Lavigne and Lorde – Beren is asserting herself as the creative artist she was born to be and moving into the next chapter of her career.

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