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‘Berlin’ the new single form Cody Frost

Cody embraces the spooky Halloween spirit with the official video for ‘Berlin’,

Cody Frost’s debut EP ‘IT’S NOT REAL’ put her on the map, her angsty, aggressive dark pop winning tastemaker attention included continuing support from Jack Saunders at Radio 1. Now Cody follows the EP by releasing her brand new single ‘Berlin’, alongside its Halloween-inspired video.

Inspired by the hyperpop scene and especially 100 gecs, ‘Berlin’ is full-on maximalist madness: thumping, trap-inspired beats, sinister industrial-tinged synths, and Cody’s voice bathed in autotune. It’s a song that emerged in two different time periods. The idea first came when she was in a cafe in Berlin during a trip to see Enter Shikari, and it was later finished during the peak of the pandemic.

Cody says, “A lot of the lyrics are just intensely angry. In Berlin, I had some problems with my throat, so I wasn’t allowed to smoke or drink, which are habits that a lot of people struggle with. And during the pandemic the lyric, ‘How many can you underpay?’ was expressing my anger at the government underpaying NHS workers.”

‘Berlin’ is Cody’s latest collaboration with her regular co-writer / co-producer Dan Weller. The co-founder of  cult Brit metal experimentalists SiKtH, Weller’s other credits include the likes of Enter Shikari, Bury Tomorrow and Holding Absence.

Cody embraces the spooky Halloween spirit with the official video for ‘Berlin’, which was directed by Naomi Kane and filmed at Witton Country Park, Blackburn. The fun fright night visual starts with Cody being surrounded by a grisly group of ghastly ghouls and ghosts, before she sprints into the woods in an attempt to escape. Touching on ‘Friday The 13th’ and ‘Evil Dead’ vibes, the video sees Cody disguising herself with a homemade mask – but is it enough to keep her safe from harm?

‘Berlin’ signals what to expect from Cody’s upcoming music. It’s everything that people connected with on ‘IT’S NOT REAL’ but amplified to be harder, more rambunctious and more fun. Similarly, Cody’s provocative lyricism takes her dark humour and observational detail to another level.

Originally from Burnley, Cody started busking in Manchester and sharing covers of songs from Frank Ocean, Nirvana andSlipknot on YouTube. Her career didn’t begin to take shape until she was diagnosed with ADHD, which meant she could finally manage the condition and find a new focus. Her creativity also extends into her work as an accomplished tattooist and artist – she recently had the opportunity to tattoo her own lyrics on a fan.

Cody Frost will follow the release of ‘Berlin’ by playing one of her first London shows for Worn Out Tuesdays at The Sebright Arms on November 2nd.