As he prepares to embark on his European Tour, Bernhoft’s latest anthem longs for the familiar feel of home. The Norwegian superstar, singer-songwriter, and virtuoso instrumentalist, Bernhoft, continues his triumphant return to the global music scene with his latest single, ‘No Place Like Home’. The poignant release marks the latest chapter in Bernhoft’s personal and musical journey, following a period of soul-searching and personal reconnection which has culminated in a European Tour kicking off in Norway on 20th October 2023, visiting Germany, Denmark, Holland, England including London and Manchester, before finishing in Sweden on 24th April 2024.


Bernhoft said: “I’ve felt a strong connection to my hometown Oslo for most of my life. This song, though, speaks more specifically about the longing for my own house, where my family is. I hold said people higher than the house itself, but they’re in the walls so to speak; in pictures, in odours. And through Astor the cat that strolls around my slippered feet.

Leaving my people shakes me good. Right before I left for LA, to write what would become this very song in October last year, I saw my youngest son look inconsolable upon learning I was gonna be away for ten whole days. He’d never encountered such aeons of separation before. My oldest experienced stints like that constantly when he was little, and reflecting on that shook me even more.

Norwegian author Roy Jacobsen has written lucidly about the tightrope between life at sea and life at home in coastal fishing villages. And it resonates strongly with me; substantial longing both ways, a constant sorrow but even greater joy of reconnecting with the home side.

“’ve tried living in other cities, but Oslo has something very special. Both London and New York City have a certain stressful level of ambition attached to them, the same type that have inspired the lyric line that became the title of the album; Avenue of Loveless Hearts. There are numerous cold streets void of compassion in metropoles. I’m kind of the just-shy-of-a-million-urban type. With fisherman’s blood running through my veins.”

‘No Place Like Home’ stands as a testimony to Bernhoft’s rekindled passion and creative rebirth. This ballad, penned with raw emotion, effortlessly blends his heart-rending lyrics, infectious melodies, and the signature soulful vocals that have made him a luminary. It encapsulates the soul-stirring realisations and evolution of an artist who has found his voice anew against the authentic backdrop of Oslo that has been a cornerstone of his life and solo odyssey.

With this release, Bernhoft also heralds his eagerly awaited European Tour and the arrival of his next album ‘Avenue Of Loveless Hearts’ which will be released on October 6th 2023. The album promises a sonic expedition that unveils Bernhoft’s personal transformation and musical innovation.
No Place Like Home will be available on all major streaming platforms today. For more information on Jarle Bernhoft, his upcoming tour dates and album release visit

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