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BILLY LOCKETT new album ‘Abington Grove’

Billy will be headlining London’s Islington Assembly Hall on 1st November.

Northampton-born singer/songwriter Billy Lockett has announced his brand new single ‘Freaking Out’, from his forthcoming album ‘Abington Grove’, due for release in February 17th 2023 via Photo Finish Records. Stream here and pre-order here.

Following the previous releases of ‘Not Okay’ and ‘Hard Act To Follow’, third single ‘Freaking Out’ is a divine cocoon of anxieties that releases itself in the form of electro-pop blasts and head-nodding grooves. Locked in with emotive lyricism from the singer/songwriter, the track puts a whole new spin on break up records.

With single comes an unsettling music video, depicting Billy’s overbearing emotions taking hold of his every day movements, where he transforms everyone he passes into zombie-like beings, representing how his obsessive emotions have taken complete control of his state of mind.

Talking about the new track Billy says “I remember the eureka moment when we wrote the chorus of this song. It felt good but I just wanted to do something unexpected, something that made people go “Woah”. The lyrics are all about when I was on tour for a long time and my relationships at home were falling apart. It is about the struggles of trying to be in two places at the same time and how sometimes it ends up making you feel like you’re at neither. This song is also the only one on the album that Lost boy produced. I love how punchy and hooky the whole song is from pretty much the first second.”

‘Freaking Out’ is taken from Billy’s forthcoming album ‘Abington Grove’, named after the street of his dad’s house where he grew up. Speaking further about the album Billy says “This is my first ever studio album. You only get to say that once in your life, so I felt ten years was enough time to get it right.

Every song is a different piece of my life, whether that’s involving love, addiction, self doubt, euphoria…building this body of work has been my therapy, and I can honestly say I’ve never been more proud of anything.

Art is all about evolving, so after being known mainly for my ballads in the past, this has been a great chance for me to explore so many sides to myself and how that manifests in sound.

Abington Grove was the street name of my dad’s house that I grew up in, with him. He died when I was 22, which was a tough age to lose him. I’ve spent pretty much the whole time since then in the cellar of his old house writing this album, so it felt like it couldn’t possibly be called anything else.”

Billy Lockett will be headlining London’s Islington Assembly Hall on 1st November. Tickets here.